All Thing Louisiana Jump Start

We want to welcome Louisiana families and educators to be a part of our Jump Start program. In Louisiana we believe that our students are just as capable as any other students in America. The most influential people around to help our children are their guardians and teachers. They are in the best positions to help students achieve their expectations. As a result of this belief, Louisiana has increasingly seen students’ performance improve locally and nationally. More students than ever in grades 3 to 8 are mastering the fundamental skills they need to succeed to the next level. We want our students to be prepared for high school, college and their future careers.
Our educators are dedicated to ensuring that every child and school has the opportunity to grow and thrive every day. It is thanks to this vision and relentless focus of four major areas, access to quality early childhood education, academic alignment in every school and classroom, teachers and leader preparation, and finally creating a pathway to college and or a career that makes the Louisiana school system so great. Louisiana has created the nation’s most coherent statewide system of standards, curricula, assessment, and professional learning that prepare students for the future outside of school. All Louisiana educators have access to high-quality training and career advancement opportunities and this goes for aspiring teachers to school system leaders. We are proud to say our students graduate with the credentials and funding they need to take their next step in education and or career preparation.
We are confronting low kindergarten readiness, low student assessment scores, and low college attainment, as well as high poverty and unemployment rates. Our strategies target every step of the student experience, from early childhood to college and career. We want to ensure no student is left behind. Falling behind in classes can prevent children from achieving their full potential. Children are the future of the world and without the guidance of amazing teachers and educators how can we expect them to reach all of their career goals? Louisiana even offers ways to help your children from home and in-between school years so that they can comfortably start the next school year with everything they learned from the year before. From back-to-school guides to homework help, and assessment calendars to keep track of your child’s progress at any time. Louisiana is devoted to the future.
Again Louisiana believes guardians know best how to prepare their children to succeed in higher levels of education and careers so our goal is to give parents and teachers the opportunity to be completely involved in their children’s education to empower them with the necessary information needed to succeed to the best of their abilities. What will you do to help encourage your children to aspire for a better future? Try Jump Start and you won’t regret it. With numbers to prove the help Jump Start is providing to students, teachers and their parents; what could be stopping you from jumping into Jump Start?